Romans Project- Week 12

So I am still truckin’ along with memorizing Romans chapter 1. No I have not been perfect with each week’s verse, and I have had to review some weeks because I didn’t quite get it… but I am still committed to obsessing about God’s Word and not all the other things that threaten to take up space in my brain.

After reciting Romans 1:1-20 to my accountability partner tonight, I come home and flipped the card to this week’s verse and it is already messing with my heart. This week’s verses are Romans 1:21-22

For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools,

I do know God. But I have been realizing that there are some gods in my life that I may have been glorifying rather than the one true God. And then it hits me… How often do I forget to give thanks… How does it slip away so often? My heart falls back into panic and worry and fret mode. And I forget that to be dependent on Jesus, I must continue to give thanks to Him for all the good gifts He gives. I must do this the in midst of health issues and family stress and learning to parent foster children and all of this on top of normal every day life stress like laundry, bills, groceries, packing lunches, etc.

So again, I pick my list…
490- the prayers of a friend
491- good company at Missional Community
492- celebrating small victories

I don’t want my heart to be darkened. I do not want my to be a fool.

I want to be sold out for Jesus and give Him my everything.


Joy Dare #9

Joy Dare 2013

So much has happened in the Jones family life in the past few weeks.  I have been counting gifts still but not had much time to post them. So here goes, my gift list from March 2nd through now…

#141- Getting along.  (It used to be taken for granted… NOT any more.)

#142- Meeting Grandparents

#143- Tears of joy at bedtime

#144- Sunshine in my window

#145- Time to workout

#146- Time to go to the grocery.   (AGAIN this used to be taken for granted… NOT any more.)

#147- A snow day with friends.

#148- “Dark can give birth to life, suffering can deliever grace, the ugly can be beautiful.  God transfigures everything for His glory.”  -Ann

#149- Long hugs

#150- Great teachers who want what is best!

#151- A plan for the afternoon!

#152- Ice cream Fridays!

#153- A boy anxiously waiting.

#154- Friends who care.

#155- Friends who pray

#156- Gifts that warm my body and my heart!

#157- Video game discussion going well.

#158- Tears resolved.

#159- Another year of love with the best man ever!!

#160- Mother/son time

#161- Cinnamon sugar pretzels from Sams.

#162- Christ comes into my mess.

#163- An afternoon run with my Scooter boy

#164- 58 degrees at 6:20 am!

#165- Birds singing

#166- Winning books and giving them away

#167- For God bringing 3rd grade math back to my brain

#168- School nurses!

#169- Easy traffic

#170- Great friends to help take care of our kiddos

#171- The “Village” that it takes

#172- Friends and family supporting during hard times

#173- Remembering a life that has forever changed mine.

#174- A great example of a mother-in-law

#175- The birth of Andrew

#176- 8 crazy years of life

#177- Catching up with old friends

#178- A change of birthday plans, but a WONDERFUL birthday party!

#179- An EXTRA day!

#180- Holding hands in the car

#181- Gift from Adam “I AM ENOUGH” necklace

#182- A quiet grocery shopping trip alone

#183- Singing the same song

#184- First time prayers at bedtime- sooo sweet!!

#185- Ready to go EARLY to school!

#186- Building relationships

#187- Early morning workouts that feel good.

#188- Health bar creamer and pumpkin spice latte coffee!

#189- Bike rides in the sunshine

#190- Belly laughs at Family Bible study time.

#191- Legotime without tears or fights

#192- My Girly-girl as my encouraging workout trainer!

So in the past 3 weeks we have become foster parents to 2 great kids (aka Girly-girl and Scooter-boy).  Adam and I celebrated our 11th anniversary.  We had a very dear Grandmother pass from this life to be with Jesus.  Andrew had his 8th birthday.  And many other random highs and low.  But there has BEEN lots of adjusting to being a family of 5 now.  More to come on that another day….

Joy Dare #8

Joy Dare 2013

Here is my 1000 gifts list for the week–

127- friends
128- early arrivals
129- the opportunity to learn and be equipped that Adam has this week
130- Imperfect Progress with unglued reactions
131- a surprise hug
132- trying new things and it tasted wonderful!
133- for the work I put in this month
134- BIG goals for next month
135- resourceful boy
136- His tender heart toward our family mission
137- how God is working in my son’s heart to prep him to be a good brother.
138- happy introductions
139- matching t-shirts
140- getting along

Join me each week as I count the gifts God gives.

Joy Dare #7

Joy Dare 2013

So this will be two weeks together (Feb 9-24)… but I am still counting gifts!!

90- A wonderful night of the community showing love.

91- Sabbath rest

92- Toliet paper dodgeball

93- A time to laugh

94- Good news!

95- A sliver of the moon

96- A wonderful husband

97- God’s protection

98- A husband that pushes me to be a better leader, even when it is hard.

99- A little boy with a plan so he can have more free time in the mornings

100- Extra cans of frosting in the pantry!!

101- 2 lbs gone! (even with an injury)

102- God’s love never gives up on me.

103- Knowing God has a plan for me and for my family

104- Starry nights

105- Date nights!

106- His servant’s heart.

107- A jam session with my man!  (It’s been WAY too long…)

108- Wonderful morning of worship

109- A great afternoon workout

110- Bright sunshine

111- Seven days of working out in a row

112- Time with my son

113- Going straight

114- New books

115- The 2nd phone call.

116- Peace and quiet at home

117- The sweet taste of an orange

118- My little inspirational officer

119- Date night!! (Yep 2 in 1 week! That’s what I’m talking about!)

120- Safety coming home in the midst of an icy night

121- Girls night at the movies

122- Reconnecting with old friends

123- Never too old to learn

124- Early & prepared

125- New mercies each day

126- Peace & quiet at the house while I wait on the plumber.

Well I have counted more than 100 gifts these past two months!  It is now becoming like second nature to see God working.  Wow!!  What a wonderful habit to form.

I pray that those of you who read my blog will try your hand at counting gifts.  It is really easy to do.  I use a cheap pocket calendar where I write the gifts I see each day.  And I leave it on the counter in my kitchen so that I remember to be looking.  Also, I use Ann Voskamp’s prompts if I feel like I am not seeing Him move.  And ya know what’s funny? When I think I have stopped seeing new things is when I notice Him moving the most.

And one other thing I should point out– gifts aren’t always the easy, happy things.  Gifts are ways God is moving.  And sometimes, He moves in ways that hurt.  But He is still using these things in my life to work good in my life, my family and those around me.

Keep looking for Him!

Joy Dare Post #6

Joy Dare 2013

Lots of wonderful things have been having this week.  Priority among them has been me taking it easy on my leg and resting so that it will get better.  I am THANKFUL to report that my knee has been pain free for 3 days now and I have not had much swelling (other than because of my knee brace).  AND I am getting around, slow and steady WITHOUT crutches.  🙂

Now on to my gifts for the week—

#79- Good night’s sleep

#80- Upper body workouts.

#81- Realizing that my son has been blessed with some wonderful teachers

#82- Footprints almost as big as his parents

#83- Melting ice and snow, it makes crutches sooo much easier

#84- Andrew loving bell choir, even after 3 yrs

#85- No knee pain for 2 days in a row

#86- Boys being boys

#87- Hearing what I need to hear…. now to put it into practice.  No more crazy, be dependent.


#89- Christmas in February

Join me in the Joy Dare every WEEK- counting all the ways God blesses me throughout my week.