#YestoGod- Week 4

This blog post is a little late. But the reason it is so late goes perfectly with the post for Week 4’s Blog Hop on When Women Say Yes to God Online Bible Study.

One of the post options is title “Life Interrupted”. I definitely had an interruption to my week. On Friday, August 23rd, as I was leaving my office, I fell down all 24 steps to my office. For those of you who have never visited my office, here is a little view of how far I fell.


Now my recount of this story would be incomplete, at least in my husband’s opinion, if I did not tell you that not only did I fall down 24 stairs, I also busted through the front door as though I was a superhero. And I busted out the doorframe in the process.

If you had had this experience I am sure your first reaction would have been one of thanksgiving for your life being spared… Not me! My first reaction was complete embarrassment and then I went straight to “did I hurt my knee? Dang, I can’t run tomorrow.”

But I guess the real reason I wanted to share my life interrupted story with you is something from the Bible study portion of Chapter 6. The question was “Think about a tough situation you have faced recently. Write out a brief recount of this experience and identify the three things we learned about when God says no.”

Now, first of all, I have not regularly prayed for God to keep me from falling down the stairs. However, now it is apart of my daily routine. 🙂 So at first glance, it doesn’t really seem as though God said no. But I really do pray that God keeps me safe and healthy so that I can take care of my husband and 3 kids and so that I can keep doing the work He has called me to and so that I can keep running so my body stays healthy… On and on I could go, so you see, in this moment, it felt as though God was saying no to keeping me healthy. Also, God really did show up on this day and I am thankful for Lysa’s words in this chapter to help bring God’s light into my life and bring some perspective on my situation.

When God says no, we need to be on the lookout for three things: PROVISION, PROTECTION and PROCESS.

Provision– I work above a hardware store and the guys downstairs take really good care of me. They often run up and check on me when I drop things, because they say that from downstairs it sounds like an earthquake. So the second they heard me falling down the stairwell, they came running to check on me. They didn’t have to run too far, because I was sitting on the sidewalk (busted door, remember)! They called my husband and 911 and took great care of me. Now had God not provided amazing neighbors at my office, I could have had strangers staring at me trying to figure out what just happened. But thankfully it was people I knew and people who were willing to take care of me. Also God’s provision was seen through an amazing boss who, even though he was on vacation, called numerous times to check on me and made sure that things were taken care of as they should be.

Protection– I am now 12 days out from falling head over heels twice down these stairs and my only remaining pain is in my right elbow and occasionally my back. God protected every bone and ligament as I took this tumble and I am forever grateful. A lot of people come away from falls like this not walking or worse. So I am praising God for His miraculous protection.

Process– Now of the whole thing, this is where I struggle. I would like to have instant healing, instant back to normal life, but God has been teaching me to walk through the process. He has been teaching me about rest and how it is important not only for revelation but also for healing too. Now I wish I could tell you that I spent my whole week working on my Bible study and reading God’s Word. Honestly, I can’t. That would be a lie. But I am committing to do better this week. Even though I am able to do more this week, I am hoping to still rest. And by rest I will NOT be sitting in front of Netflix watching shows. I will be diving deep into God’s Word and learning more about my sweet Jesus.

So there you have it. Life was interrupted. I am praying that it never happens in this way EVER again. So I am doing my best to learn all my lessons in one go-round!

Blessings to you all! Keep your eyes open. #Palmsup and be waiting for all God has in store for you.


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