A Word from The Lord to shut up the negative chatter

This morning I received a Word from The Lord and so I wanted to share it with you, my blog friends. As some of you know I was gone all last week to CIY MOVE. This is a great week but it usually is completely exhausting. Both physically and emotionally.

So this morning I had a plan to get right back in my routine of running and all that, but I was exhausted. So I didn’t. And I was kicking myself for it. I had negative chatter going about 90 miles an hour in my head about how can I encourage women toward overall health but then take a four day weekend from working on a healthy body? Hypocritical? Yes- was the answer my negative chatter gave.

So after snoozing for longer than I should and listening to the negative chatter, I decide to do one thing right and get my day started with Jesus’ Word.

I am currently reading through Matthew and the portion that truly spoke to me today came from Matthew 12, verses 1 through 8.

This is the Scripture where the Pharisees are getting on Jesus for breaking the Sabbath by picking grain. Jesus tells them

‘I want you to show mercy, not offer sacrifices.’ (Matthew 12:7 NLT)

Now I know this Scripture is about “working” when others say you should be” resting”. But today I felt God say “Grace, it’s ok to rest when others (or just your unrealistic expectations) say you should work.”

And then confirmation from a great accountability partner!!! Man, I love it when God speaks straight to my heart.

I hope it blesses your heart too.


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