MOVE Wrap up

The farther we go into the week at CIY MOVE, the faster time seems to speed up. Sorry that I missed posting the last two evenings, but I was up late pouring into my girls and getting every chance I could to spend time with them. The relationships that form during this week are so crucial for helping them when the come home.

Highlights of Thursday:
Mark Christian centered his thoughts around being faithful in the small things. He talked about how Joseph was faithful his whole life in the small stuff. His challenge was- do the little things every day to be a kingdom worker. And through those little things, God will do amazing things.

Also Thursday is extended recreation day. We took the opportunity to spend a few hours at Lake Michigan. It was a great time to get away and rest and play at the beach. It was especially amazing because one of our girls who made the decision to follow Christ this week, decided to be baptized in Lake Michigan.

Thursday evening was all about forgiveness. Cody, our speaker, talked about the “want to” versus the “God tells you to” on forgiveness. Matthew 6:12,14-15 is pretty clear on forgiveness.

Joseph lived a great life of forgiveness. Not only does he forgive his brothers, but he takes care of them and their families and moves them into Egypt with him. One thing I especially loved that Cody said was- The only thing I can control on forgiveness is MY willingness to give grace. I can’t control whether its received. But that is not why God wants me to do. I can only do my part.

At the end of the evening, we got the opportunity to cover a tree with things that we needed God’s help forgiving. It was a really neat experience.

Friday was great too! The question we asked all day was- Are you trying to be a legend or leave a legacy? Mark shared that “You can change your family tree by having faith in the one who hung on a tree.”

Brad, the evening speaker, wrapped up the week by showing us how Joseph was a blessing to others throughout his whole life. And he challenged us to do the same. We need to BLES.
Begin with prayer
Listen to the needs around you
Eat with people
Share your life with them

This week we had a handful of first time decisions and many cries out to God to be pulled from the pit. I am praising God for the GOOD things He has done this week. And the great things that will come from what God began this week in Holland, Michigan.

A few pics to end the trip:







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