MOVE, Day 3

Today has been a fantastic day. I started my day with a run, which is always a good way to get my focus on Jesus. Combine that and worshipping with 1500 others… yeah, Heaven is gonna be awesome!

We are focusing on temptation today.

Today’s takeaways from Encounter were:
1- Temptation will be everywhere. So your faith must go with you everywhere.
2- Sometimes doing the right thing, will still land you in prison.

In d-groups, we discussed how temptation isn’t wrong. God created us to like certain things. BUT giving into temptation is sin. We discussed how important it is to love Jesus more than what is tempting us. And we discussed how important it is to have a sisterhood to hold you accountable, to love you and to pull you away from sin and closer to Jesus.

The icing on today’s cake was a simple question from a very special friend of mine. She asked if I would go with her to ring the freedom bell. Why she rang the bell is her story to tell, but I am praising God tonight for her courage to ask for God’s help out of her pit.

I can’t wait to see God continue to MOVE!



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