MOVE, Day 2

Day 2 had a pretty amazing start.


They called it the Color Experience. And as we study the life of Joseph, perhaps they were going for the coat of many colors. But it was meant to be deeper than that. Each color had a meaning and the students were covering themselves with God’s promises.

Mark Christian, the morning speaker, talked about God wanting a covenant with us. It’s not a contract where there is punishment if we don’t hold up our end of the deal. It is covenant– where God wants to give us access to who He is in exchange for us giving access to God to all of who we are. With this covenant comes a promise of His presence and His blessing and the hope of Heaven.

We ended the day with amazing worship with the Jordan Howerton Band and a great Word from God about getting out of a pit. A few high points from that are:

1. The bottom of the pit is a great place to go to school. You shouldn’t beg God to get you out. You need to see what God is trying to teach you.

2. God is working for you in the hole and He is working on your behalf outside the hole.

3. Rescue is coming. Whether you are in a hole from your own sin or because someone pushed you there, rescue is coming. It may not come in your timing. And it may come through a way you don’t expect. It may come through a way that really ticks you off, but that may be how God brings the rescue you need.

Please pray for more breakthrough tomorrow as our students continue to learn and understand the part God wants them to play in His story.


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