MOVE, Day 1

Yesterday two vans loads of students (plus 1,500 other people from churches across the country) rolled into Holland, Michigan for CIY Move Conference. I am looking forward to all that God will teach us from the life of Joseph while we are here.

What I gained from last night’s message was this:
Joseph’s dreams were from God. One of Joseph’s dreams came true. However the spirit which Joseph delivered the dream was not from God.

I believe the message God is trying to teach me through this is that its all about the HOW. When God gives me a message to share, how I share it will determine how it is received. This will affect how the one I share the message with reacts.

How does this play out for Joseph?
God gave him a message– your brothers will one day bow down to you.
Joseph flaunted this message to his brothers.
His brothers hated him for it and therefore tried to kill him.

Now I don’t anticipate anyone plotting to murder me because of anything God lays on my heart. But I need to do a heart check before sharing it with others. Is my motive to bring others in closer relationship to God? Or is there another reason?


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