It’s a Weigh In Wednesday!

I have hit another BIG goal in my weight loss journey!  But before I share, I have to share where it all started. 

Almost 9 years ago I found out I was pregnant with Andrew.  I was looking forward to being pregnant for MANY reasons, one of which is the MYTH that I can eat whatever I want and use the excuse “the baby needs it” and life would be ok.  Weight loss was not important to me at that time.  And though I didn’t see myself has obese, I was not at a healthy weight for a 21 year old!

I don’t believe I can use the “baby weight” excuse anymore.  However, I have now taken off 39 lbs!!  I am at the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant with Andrew.  189!  Milestone #2 has been hit!!!  Many more milestones to come!!

Great date This picture was taken in February 2011.  Back at the beginning of my weight loss journey.  Back when I thought I could really lose weight by doing some easy exercises about three days a week.  Not to mention, I also thought that having accountability where weight loss was concerned was absolutely silly! (I dug for a full body pic and to my not-so-surprise there weren’t any.  Actually there aren’t many pics of me during this time in my life…)

Me 4-29-13

Here I am now… 39 lbs lighter AND I have now realized the value of a good hard sweaty workout and that accountability is a MUST!  This is a picture I had my husband take on Monday.  The purpose of this picture is so I can physically see how far God has brought me.  And I truly do mean that.  I could not have done this without God helping me every step of the way.  He has put amazing friends in my life (near and far) that push me to continue on this healthy lifestyle.  He gives me the strength every day to get up and keep going!!  He reminds me to give myself grace when I mess up and even when I hurt myself and have to take some time off of running.  I am truly thankful for what God is doing in and through me these days!

I hope to post another picture this weekend when I have completed my 2nd 5k run.  I am running with some of my Ohio friends in the Flying Pig 5k and I absolutely can’t wait!!

Here are a running total of my weigh ins:

In 2011– 8/4/- 228. 8/11- 227. 8/25- 230. 9/4- 228. 9/8- 226. 9/15- 225. 9/22- 228. 10/24- 224. 11/9-222. 

In 2012– 4/12/-217. 9/13-206, 12/5- 198

In 2013- 5/1- 189


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