Are you fighting for someone?


This past weekend my husband preached an amazing message on how Jesus FIGHTS for us.  Now I know to some that is an odd concept– isn’t Jesus suppose to be all about love and peace??? Yes, Jesus is about love and peace, however He also fights for the hearts of His disciples.  

Adam showed that all throughout the Gospels you see Jesus going off to pray alone.  What was He doing during these times of prayer?  Fighting for those He loved, fighting for them to love and follow Him.  Fighting for them to stay true to God’s calling on their heart. 

Now as Easter approaches this weekend, I pray that you will take some time to fight for those you love.  Pray that those you love who don’t know Jesus will see Him this Easter weekend. 

If you are in Georgetown, we would love to have you at any of our Easter services this weekend.  Starting tomorrow night, we will have two identical Good Friday services, at 6:30 pm and 8 pm in the gym.  Also, there will be worship on Sunday morning at 8 am and two services at 10:30 am, one in the gym and one in the sanctuary.  Please come to find out all about how God rescues those He loves.


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