Kairos Moments

So this week I had (what my husband tells me) is a KAIROS moment.  As defined by Wikipedia, kairos is “an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment.”  It is a moment when you have to make a decision to do what God wants or what you want.  And these decision can change the trajectory of your life.

My kairos moment came when I overbooked myself.  AGAIN.  I have a problem doing this sometimes.  Now if the decision is grocery shopping and coffee with a friend, it’s no big deal.  But this overbooking was a big deal, at least to me.  I had committed to running in a 5k Biggest Loser Walk/Run Challenge with a group of friends.  And I had also registered for myself and my Girly-girl to go to the Pure in Heart Conference.  Come to find out, they are both happening at the same time.

Now I realize that probably 90% of you are thinking, duh, the conference.  But to me, it wasn’t so easy.  I have been on this journey toward a healthier ME and doing this 5k is something I have been looking forward to for months.  Also, it was going to be a chance to get away with a few friends for a weekend of fun.

But this conference is a chance to show my foster daughter that Jesus loves her and what God has planned for her heart.  This is a huge opportunity for us to get away, with a few other moms from our church, and spend time together.

So again, the answer should have been obvious to me.  (It was to my husband.)  But I struggled with it for several days.  I wish I hadn’t but my selfish heart and my Jesus girl heart were competing with each other.

I am thankful to say I made the choice to follow God and go to the conference.  And God has already blessed this decision in several ways!!

I guess the lesson I learned and wanted to share is even though being obedient can sometimes be a struggle, I know God will bless this decision.  I can’t wait to see where God changes the trajectory of my relationship with my girl!  And I am praying that it will give me more momentum and confidence to making even greater changes for God in the future.


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