Monday Commentary- Jesus PURSUE

monday commentary

Yesterday Adam kicked off a new sermon series entitled “Jesus”.  As we lead into Easter, we are going to learn to imitate Christ.  We want to live our life so that others can imitate us as we imitate Christ.

This week was all about how Jesus pursues us.  Therefore we are called to pursue other people.  We are to share the love we have for Jesus so that they can come into a relationship with Jesus also.

Adam shared this idea of “Persons of Peace”.  It comes from the passage of scripture found in Luke 10:5-12 where Jesus sends out 72 disciples.  They were to go to all the towns where Jesus was going to go.  When they entered a house, if they were welcomed they were stay there, healing and teaching about God’s kingdom.  If they were not welcomed, they were to shake the dust from their feet, but still warn them, the kingdom of God was coming.

Adam’s main idea for the morning was that everyone has at least one person of peace.  Someone who welcomes you, likes you and wants to serve you.  This person can be a Christian or not.  If they are not, then you need to pursue them because Jesus loves them.  And Jesus wants your person of peace to come into relationship with Him.



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