Monday Commentary

monday commentary

Adam wrapped up the series on Samson in Soma yesterday.  It was a great message about recognizing that tragedy and triumph can happen in the exact same spot.

A man who could tear apart a lion with his bare hands (Judges 14:6)… A man who struck down 30 men because they learned the answer to a riddle (Judges 14:19)…  A man who captured 300 foxes, lit their tails on fire and burnt down vineyards and wheat fields (Judges 15:4)…  A man who  could slay 1000 men with a donkey’s jawbone (15:15)… His triumph and tragedy came in the same moment at the Dagon temple.  After Delilah forced the secret of his strength out of him, she traded the secret for a bunch of money and then Samson was captured and imprisoned. This same man who with God’s power working inside him did many amazing things, lost all his strength when his hair was cut off and God’s power left Samson without him even noticing.

Back to his T&T moment… after putting on a “show” for the Philistines, Samson prays for his strength to return.  God answers his prayer with a BIG YES and Samson killed more people in his death than he killed while he lived.  (Judges 16:30)

Again the main point for the message in Soma was “Tragedy and triumph can happen in the same place” and what matters is what you do with the tension that brings.  Tragedy can send you into hiding.  Triumph can push you to pride.  But the watching world wants to know how Christ’s follwers will handle the hard moments like these.

If you would like to listen to my husband’s message, go to

One another thing I would like to mention— on most Sundays you will find that I actually go to church twice and hear very similar messages.  Kevin Whitsett is our Senior Minister at GCC and he preaches at the “upstairs” services.  I love to hear two godly men’s perspectives on the same Scriptures.  Some weeks they are very identical, other weeks God gives them each a different spin on the message for each of their audiences to hear.  I am just blessed to hear both!  🙂  This week Kevin shared a quote that has been rocking my heart since I heard it:

“There is no pit so deep that the love of God is not deeper still.” -Corrie Ten Boom

Kevin’s point was this… even in Samson’s HUGE pit, after going his own way so many times, God was still willing to use Samson to do a mighty work.  Man, I am thankful that is the kind of God I serve.  It doesn’t matter what kind of mess I find myself in because I refuse to do things God’s way, God’s love will still find me in the pit.

Thanking God for his never failing, never leaving LOVE.


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