Joy Dare #7

Joy Dare 2013

So this will be two weeks together (Feb 9-24)… but I am still counting gifts!!

90- A wonderful night of the community showing love.

91- Sabbath rest

92- Toliet paper dodgeball

93- A time to laugh

94- Good news!

95- A sliver of the moon

96- A wonderful husband

97- God’s protection

98- A husband that pushes me to be a better leader, even when it is hard.

99- A little boy with a plan so he can have more free time in the mornings

100- Extra cans of frosting in the pantry!!

101- 2 lbs gone! (even with an injury)

102- God’s love never gives up on me.

103- Knowing God has a plan for me and for my family

104- Starry nights

105- Date nights!

106- His servant’s heart.

107- A jam session with my man!  (It’s been WAY too long…)

108- Wonderful morning of worship

109- A great afternoon workout

110- Bright sunshine

111- Seven days of working out in a row

112- Time with my son

113- Going straight

114- New books

115- The 2nd phone call.

116- Peace and quiet at home

117- The sweet taste of an orange

118- My little inspirational officer

119- Date night!! (Yep 2 in 1 week! That’s what I’m talking about!)

120- Safety coming home in the midst of an icy night

121- Girls night at the movies

122- Reconnecting with old friends

123- Never too old to learn

124- Early & prepared

125- New mercies each day

126- Peace & quiet at the house while I wait on the plumber.

Well I have counted more than 100 gifts these past two months!  It is now becoming like second nature to see God working.  Wow!!  What a wonderful habit to form.

I pray that those of you who read my blog will try your hand at counting gifts.  It is really easy to do.  I use a cheap pocket calendar where I write the gifts I see each day.  And I leave it on the counter in my kitchen so that I remember to be looking.  Also, I use Ann Voskamp’s prompts if I feel like I am not seeing Him move.  And ya know what’s funny? When I think I have stopped seeing new things is when I notice Him moving the most.

And one other thing I should point out– gifts aren’t always the easy, happy things.  Gifts are ways God is moving.  And sometimes, He moves in ways that hurt.  But He is still using these things in my life to work good in my life, my family and those around me.

Keep looking for Him!


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