Samson- Part 2

monday commentary

Once again there was a wonderful message preached in Soma this past Sunday. This month we are reading through the life of Samson in the book of Judges.  This week we read the portion of Samson’s life of when he meets his wife.  (Judges 14)

Samson does several things to give him the ‘PUNK’ label: marrying a woman he should not, tearing apart a lion with his bare hands and therefore breaking his Nazarite vow, lying to his parents about it, then he touches the same dead carcass to get out honey and flaunts this before his parents and the people living in the village, and then killed 30 men.  WOW– this is not a man I would want to meet on the streets.

But even with this PUNK label, God had a plan to use Samson and redeem his life, even in the midst of his rebellion.

Adam’s main point of the message was “Deception will destroy disciples!”  And since our job as a Christian is to make disciples, we need to be in the business of destroying DECEPTION.

Also, he challenged us to ask people in our life, What is it like to be on the other side of me? Searching for the truth of what others think about you as a person can help you to see if you are wearing a mask and promoting deception or if you are giving off the message that Jesus wants your life to shine.


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