Joy Dare Post #6

Joy Dare 2013

Lots of wonderful things have been having this week.  Priority among them has been me taking it easy on my leg and resting so that it will get better.  I am THANKFUL to report that my knee has been pain free for 3 days now and I have not had much swelling (other than because of my knee brace).  AND I am getting around, slow and steady WITHOUT crutches.  🙂

Now on to my gifts for the week—

#79- Good night’s sleep

#80- Upper body workouts.

#81- Realizing that my son has been blessed with some wonderful teachers

#82- Footprints almost as big as his parents

#83- Melting ice and snow, it makes crutches sooo much easier

#84- Andrew loving bell choir, even after 3 yrs

#85- No knee pain for 2 days in a row

#86- Boys being boys

#87- Hearing what I need to hear…. now to put it into practice.  No more crazy, be dependent.


#89- Christmas in February

Join me in the Joy Dare every WEEK- counting all the ways God blesses me throughout my week.


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