Joy Dare Post #5

Joy Dare 2013

Last week’s Joy Dare was postponed due to the fact that I injured my knee. After some sulking, I have picked up right where I left off— counting God’s gifts and being thankful. Because as Ann Voskamp says MANY times in her book, “thankfulness precedes the miracle.” So again I am choosing JOY!

Now I am not saying I need a miracle on my knee. There are many worse injuries to have than a sprained knee or possible torn meniscus. But I would be 100% ok with God touching my knee with His miraculous healing hand.

#54- prayer before an Upward game

#55- Warm enough to run

#56- Girls shopping trip, kid-free

#57- Sweet frog, need I say more

#58- A run in the rain

#59- a deer in my run

#60- a thoughtful boy- wanting to bless a classmate

#61- Lots of laughter while getting healthy with friends.

#62- working hard to help a little girl get her story on paper

#63- Hearing God’s truth at the JustONE conference

#64- gingerbread spice lattes at the end of January

#65- Grocery shopping for 2 weeks and staying under budget

#66- My calculator boy

#67- donations from unexpected places

#68- time spent on sticker books

#69- my husband shoveling the walk AND taking me to work.

#70- wonderful town workers clearly our roads.

#71- the guys at Applegates Hardware having the sidewalk all shoveled off.

#72- getting to spend the afternoon with my little boy due to a SNOW DAY!

#73- warm coffee on this less than ZERO degree day.

#74-Friends coming over for dinner

#75- Friends NOT laughing as I try to figure out crutches

#76- Lazy snow Saturdays

#77- My love letting me rest while he cooks dinner

#78- Time to relax

Join me each week, by counting all the gifts God gives you through the week!!!


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