Joy Dare- Post #4

Joy Dare 2013

Oopps, I did it again… ok, poor song reference.  🙂 But I forgot to post my 1000 gifts blog again.  Perhaps I should amend my “I will post on Fridays” to I will post weekly!

Anyway, it was another wonderful week of God showing up in my life.  I am betting that He was in your life as well.  Were your eyes open to looking for His fingerprints??

#39- Sitting beside my son during worship as he sings his heart out to God

#40- Playful times with my boy and his dog

#41- Adam answering Andrew’s theological questions.  (I’m glad his daddy can, because sometimes I have the same questions…)

#42- One on one Lego time with Andrew

#43- Breakthroughs

#44- No complications when I was gearing up  for a headache

#45- Sunsets at just the right moment

#46- Afternoons of rest when I am not feeling so great

#47- Forgiveness for bad attitudes

#48- Sharing a snack

#49- New additions to the Kidstuf crew

#50- That spot between his eyesbrows, it use to make him fall asleep when he was a baby…

#51- Ice scraper wars with MY LOVE

#52- My bookworm, and his progress in reading this year

#53- Waking up early (even on a Saturday) and having UNINTERRUPTED Mommy time.

Join me in the Joy Dare every WEEK- counting all the ways God blesses me throughout my week.


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