Joy Dare – Post #3

Joy Dare 2013So I went to bed last night kicking myself… I forgot about my Joy Dare blog.  But don’t worry, I have been counting gifts all week!!  So here are my gifts from the Lord this week:

21- Amazing worship with David Crowder

22- Time spent with students at TCTC

23- Intentional family time, even in Tennessee

24- A restful afternoon

25- Precious sleep, even in a van with teenagers

26- My husband’s prayers

27- Safety in not safe conditions- God protected me while running.

28- Compliment about my weight loss journey from an unexpected person

29- Medicine for my sick boy

30- Peace of mind

31- Zumba on the wii (I have forgotten how much fun that game is)

32- Talks with my Bible study girls

33- Seeing lives grow closer to God and more mature!

34- Realizing that God placed the right study at the right time

35- Early morning talks with my boy

36- Leaving my office with a clean desk for the weekend.  Done with taxes and all!!

37- The Momma-Bubby duo rocking Daddy’s world at family game night.

38- “America runs on Dunkin”and so does Momma Grace!! A special THANK YOU to my husband for stock piling my Christmas flavored coffee supply!!!

I just realized that this week I counted almost as many gifts as I did the first two weeks.  Counting God’s gifts is getting easier and easier.  Its all about keeping my eyes open to His activity in my life.

Join me in the Joy Dare every Friday- counting all the ways God blesses me throughout my week.


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