Joy Dare- Post #2

Joy Dare 2013

Here are my gifts from this week:

6- Comfort food on cold nights

7- My husband leading our family in Bible readings

8- Naps for the whole family

9- A run to rejuvenate this tired momma

10- Homemade cheesticks from a friend

11- Rainy days inside with movies and Legos

12- “Thank you, Momma” from my boy

13- A friend sharing my blog

14- The beautiful sunrise

15- Warm sunshine on a JANUARY morning

16- Before there were ninjas, super heros and Star Wars, the Wonder Pets saved his day.  (Lenny, Tuck and MingMing too….)  I miss his innocence but I am glad there is still some left in him.

17- Friends that motivate me.  Motivating friends.

18- Sharing life with my small group

19- Prayer time with sweet friends

20- An afternoon with just my husband

Join me in the Joy Dare every Friday- counting all the ways God blesses me throughout my week.


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