Baby Steps to Big Dreams


These past few months have been all about baby steps in the Jones household.  Baby steps to becoming the GREATER family God has called us to be.  This Fall we got really serious about taking the necessary training classes to complete the foster care process.  This past weekend we took the last few baby steps by purchasing a crib and a set of bunk beds so that we have everything ready when children are brought into our family.  (Thankfully God has blessed us with carseats through great friends so those didn’t have to be purchased!!)

However there is one more BIG baby step- a little construction project that has to be completed so that the state will see one of the bedrooms as a “room”… long story short, since you must walk into our bedroom to get to Andrew’s, it does not qualify as a room.  Thankfully we know a great construction man who is going to be tackling this project for us as I type.

But to be real honest, sometimes these baby steps seem huge.  Big purchases and changing our home to accomadate state regulations are sometimes scary and hard steps to take.  However, we know God wants us do these things.  We know God is asking us to obey Him and He will bless our family because of this obedience.

Just like the Isrealites in 2 Kings 3- Elisha told God’s people to dig ditches all over the valley and then God would fill the valley with water.  In the middle of a drought, it seems silly to dig a ditch.  Not only silly, but a little scary because if you are already thirsty, now is NOT the time to start an outdoor work project.  But God did not say, “I will fill the valley and then you can dig the ditches.”  Sometimes we have to be willing to dig the ditch, even before we see the rain and hear the wind.

In Greater this week, I read about how the TerKeurst family was called to adopt two boys from Africa.  Pastor Furtick shared what God spoke to Lysa’s heart and it has really hit me hard.

If you are a woman of faith, you need to live a life that requires faith.  You’ve been talking about faith, but you are a mastermind at maneuvering so that you don’t have to have any faith at all.

That is so true for many American Christians.  And that is so true for me.  My life is comfortable and I don’t really NEED God for much.  There is food in the cabinets.  We have money is savings.  These things are good but sometimes they keep us from living a life of faith- being sure that God will provide even when we don’t see His provision yet. 

However, I am becoming very aware of how this next step in the journey is requiring much faith.  Faith that God will provide everything we need.  Faith that God will bring the right kids to our family.  Faith that Andrew will love being a foster family as much as he loves talking about it now.  Faith that we can love these children with HIS love.  Faith, faith and more faith.

What ditch is God calling you to dig even if you don’t see the rain or hear the wind?


6 thoughts on “Baby Steps to Big Dreams

    • Our caseworker says that it could be within the next few weeks that we receive a placement. Our final home study is next week. So SOON is right!!

  1. Faith is believing in what you cannot see! I pray the Lord answers your prayers soon and those little ones that you know and BELIEVE are part of your family will be physically present shortly! Love that it is a present tense, not a future tense kind of story. Keep the faith, it jumps right out at cha!

  2. Congratulations on being foster parents. We did that for a while when we were unable to have children for some years – lots of miscarriages and so blessed. It hurts to let them go, but we we realized we touched some lives that might never be touched, might never see any love and we have those fond memories today. Eventually we did have a son and daughter and now that they are married, we are considering it again. Blessings and hope everything gets done for you so you can start loving on those little ones. Debbie Williams (OBS Leader)

  3. I grew up with parents who fostered other children, and though some of my foster brothers and sisters drove me absolutely crazy, I loved it. Fostering opened our eyes to the brokenness of other families and allowed us to love children that needed it. I still remember when one of my foster brothers (age 3) asked my mom “Why you not mean?” We fell in love with them, and it was hard to give them back but so incredibly worth it. Way to dig those ditches and prepare for all the blessings that God has in store for you as you foster His children. 🙂

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