Weigh In Wednesday

So its been a few months since I have mentioned anything on the “grace is melting” front.  But I am proud to say that I am still melting.  I have been working very hard these past few months to stay on track in my healthy lifestyle  journey.  And I have reached a few milestones. 

1- I started running.  This is NOT something I really ever wanted to do.  I am more of a walker.  I enjoy walking with friends and talking to them about marriage and kids and life…  But several of the friends that keep me accountable had been peer pressuring me into giving it a try.  So I did. 

2- I ran in a 5k.  One of my Ohio accountablity girls ran in a 5k for a local fundraising event.  I was super bummed because I couldn’t attend due to prior commitments but I was so proud of her.  Then said “peer pressuring friends” told me they would RUN with me in a 5k while we were in Missouri for Thanksgiving.  So I began to train using the “Couch to 5k” app and I began to love it!!  I had a goal to RUN THE ENTIRE THING and I accomplished this goal.  I ran it in 36 mins and 42 seconds. 

So that leads me today… this morning I jumped on the scale to look down and see this


Can I tell you how many emotions rushed through me???? Happiness, excitment, disbelief, shock, tears… I just stood there and took a moment to be proud.  I have come so far.  30 pounds to be exact.  And I am celebrating this milestone in this journey.  I am officially under 200 pounds and it is my plan to keep it there!  Not at 198, because I still have some more melting to do… but I don’t plan to see a “2” as the starting number of my weight ever again.

Here are my running total of “weigh ins” on here:

In 2011– 8/4/- 228. 8/11- 227. 8/25- 230. 9/4- 228. 9/8- 226. 9/15- 225. 9/22- 228. 10/24- 224. 11/9-222. 

In 2012– 4/12/-217. 9/13-206, 12/5- 198.


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