I just finished reading chapter 10 of Unglued and I think I underlined pretty much the whole thing.  If I could just hit “copy and paste,” I would share the entire chapter with you today.  Since there is copyright laws against doing such things… I will share what really hit me most. 

Chatter.  Negative Inside Chatter- “those misguided thoughts that can easily turn into perceptions that then all too easily turn into dangerous realities”.  It is something I most definately deal with and I don’t believe I am alone in this boat. 

Here are few things Lysa said that smacked me up side the head… 

“And realities based on runaway feelings rather than truth always lead to one thing— insecurity.”

“Toxic thoughts are so dangerous because they leave no room for truth to flourish.”

“We are to think about, ponder, and park our minds on constructive thoughts, not destructive thoughts. Thoughts that build us up, not tear us down.  Thoughts that breathe life into us, not suck life from us.  Thoughts that lead to peace, not anxiety.”

“Friendship are like plowed open fields ready for growth.  What we plant is what will grow.  If we plant seeds of reassurance, blessing, and love, we reap a great harvest of security.  Of course, if we plant seeds of backbiting, questioning and doubt, we reap a great harvest of insecurity.”  (I believe that the Romans 12:18 “as far as it depends on you” principle applies here.)

After identifying the fact that “YES I struggle here” Lysa also gives a game plan.  Three simple questions to ask yourself the next time you feel the negative chatter begin. 

1- Did someone actually say this or am I making assumptions about what they are thinking? Wow. I do this.  Especially with my dear husband.  I listen to what he says and “read between the lines” of what I THINK he means by those words instead of taking them at face value and assuming he (gasp) means what he says.   

2- Am I actively immersing myself in truth? I can see a difference when I am being intentional about surrounding myself with God’s truth and those days when I am lazy.  Just one more reason I NEED God’s truth, to keep the negative chatter at bay. 

3- Are these situations or relationships that feed my insecurities? Not only do I need to surround my mind with God’s truth, I need to surround my life with God’s people.  Friendships that spur one another toward living a life that honors Christ.  Friendships that are characterized by honor, encouragement and love.  I need to steer clear of situations where I am not constantly battling negative inside chatter so that I can continue to put Philippians 4:8 into pratice. 

I want to leave you with one last thought that Lysa shared “How a woman thinks is often how she lives.”  I do not want my life to be one of continuous negative chatter.  I want to honor Jesus with every part of my life.  Including my thought life.


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