Not Leaving Me This Way

I have been reading through the book Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst.  This is my second time through and I have been participating in an Online Bible Study, led by Meliss Taylor. 

God has been showing me many things.  The biggest thing I have learned while reading this book is that I do not process my emotions in a healthy way.  I am an EXPLODER and a STUFFER depending on who and what is bumping into my happy.  But thankfully I know God didn’t bring me to this place to say “Well, Grace, you’ve got issues!  You are on your own!”  God has brought me to this place to say “Grace, you’ve got issues!  Surrender your emotions to me and let me help you process them in a healthy way!”   

Here are a few things Lysa shared in her book (from Chapters 5 &6) that have really spoke to my heart in the last few weeks:

  • “A Jesus girl who rises up and unexpectedly gives grace when she surely could have done otherwise reveals the power and the mystery of Christ at work in her life and in the world.”
  • “When someone else’s actions or statements threaten to pull me into a bad place, I have a choice.  I do.  It may not feel like it.  In fact, it may feel like I am a slave to my feelings– but I’m not.  Remember, feelings are indicators, not dictators.  They can indicate there is a situation I need to deal with, but they shouldn’t dictate how I react.  I have a choice.”
  • “But if I’m completely honest, as a Christian woman I also sometimes stuff because it feels more godly… I want to keep the peace.  I want to be gentle, not confrontational.  And these are good things— if I can do them without harboring bitterness.  That’s called healthy processing.  But there’s a big difference between healthy processing and stuffing.”
  • “The difference between boundaries and barriers is honest transparency.  When we erect a barrier with a person, it’s either because we’re afraid to be honest, tired of being honest and getting hurt, or feel like the relationship isn’t worth the hard work honesty sometimes takes.  When we establish boundaries, we are brave enough to be honest but also compasionate enough to wrap the boundary in grace by clearly communicating the parameters of the relationship.”
  • “I have to ask myself, “What do I really want in this situation?” Then I have to determine how realistic or unrealistic that want is.  If it’s unrealistic I may have to process it with the other person until we can agree on a solution that is realistic.”

If you have not read this book yet, I highly recommend it.  I am thankful for the changes God is making in my life because of what Lysa has shared.


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