Eavesdropping Momma

Eavesdropping is wrong.  I think we can all agree with that.  However, sometimes it does a Mommy’s heart good to eavesdrop… I mean, listen in, on a conversation between Daddy and Son when they think Mommy is busy. 

 Here is a conversation one Mommy may have overheard this morning:

                                         Daddy:            You need to get your teeth brushed. 

                                         Son:                 Dad, I am waiting on mom to get my mouthwash ready.

                                         Daddy:            Well, if you don’t get started….

(interrupting Daddy) Son:               Oh, Mommy already got it ready.

                                         Daddy:            We have the best Mommy.

                                         Son:                 Oh, yeah, she’s the greatest!!

Even though mornings are never perfect at the Jones house, I am still trying to teach my son– to love him in unique ways and to give him tiny blessings and examples of ways to love others.  

I don’t know that all children need help getting their mouthwash ready, but how can you intentionally show love your child this week?


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