A little craftiness and a new tradition

I have something crafty to share.  Now first of all you must know that I am NOT a crafty person.  Also, you must know, I stole this idea 100% from Ann Voskamp.  (www.aholyexperience.com)  However, I am so glad I did.  Because this crafty idea started a new family tradition that has changed the Jones family!!

It all started with a box.  A box to hold Bibles by the kitchen table.  As a family, we wanted to be more intentional about reading and studying the Bible together.  Adam and I wanted to have something special to hold these Bibles in.

So for Father’s Day, Andrew and I picked out this box for Adam.  Now, we couldn’t have just any box.  Andrew and I looked high and low for a very special box.  And while scouring the aisles of Michaels, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s, Andrew had a brilliant idea.  He told me, “Mom, we need a treasure box, because God’s Word is supposed to be like a treasure in our hearts.”

Then I had Andrew type his daddy this letter about his thoughts on the Bibles and the treasure box.

(It says, Dear Daddy, The treasure and guide of your life is in this box holding these 3 Bibles.  I think the Bible is a treasure because it tells you what God wants you to do, not what the Devil wants you to do.  From Mommy, Daisy and Andrew)

Then together as a family we stained the box and the letters to go on it.

And finally 3 months later, it is complete.

However, we did not wait three months to begin our new family tradition.  We have been reading God’s Word together as often as we can.  So any night that we eat together at home, we also take time to “eat” God’s Word by reading and studying.  It has been a great place to help Andrew to learn more about God.  It has been a great place for Andrew to ask questions about God and more fully understand the faith his daddy and mommy have.

And I believe one of the huge blessings that have come from this new box and new tradition is that Andrew made the decision to follow Jesus and was baptized this past Sunday.

It’s amazing what starting a new tradition will do to your family!!


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