Monday Morning Commentary- WEIRD about $

Today is Tuesday.  Yes, I am aware of that fact.  However, with yesterday being Memorial Day and a lazy day around the Jones house, it will feel like Monday all day long to me!!  Plus, I really wanted to share something my husband shared with us during his sermon on Sunday.  He was wrapping up our Weird series and talking how God wants us to be WEIRD with our money.  The point that really hit me was “Weird is trusting God to be the Provider.”

Adam reminded us of how all throughout the Bible God has been TRYING to provide for His people. 

  • With Adam and Eve in the garden- God provided an entire garden for them to eat from, minus one tree.  (Genesis 2:15-17)  But that was not good enough for them so they rejected what God has provided by eating from the forbidden tree.
  • With Abraham- God had promised to provide a great nation through Abraham’s offspring.  (Genesis 12:2) But when it did not happen in his timetable, Abraham decides to reject God’s way of providing and caused himself all sorts of problems by sleeping with Hagar.  (Genesis 16)
  • With the Israelites after they left Eygpt- God provided manna (Exodus 16) and water from a rock (Exodus 17).  But the Israelites still grumbled and complained against Moses and God because it was not like the comforts they had while they were slaves back in Egypt, “pots of meat and all the food they wanted”. 
  • With Elisha and the widow- God provided more than enough oil for the widow to pay off the debt she owed, plus have enough for her and her two sons to live on. (2 Kings 4)

Adam challenged us to be WEIRD by valuing people over things and generosity over greed.  And he said that when we are blessed by God, perhaps we were “Blessed to be a blessing!”

This week I am looking for ways I can be WEIRD with my money and turning God’s blessings into blessings for others.


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Commentary- WEIRD about $

  1. I’m sure that blessing others with money is gonna bring ya a crazy kinda joy! Have fun and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. I did get the opportunity to share a “monetary” blessing with someone else. It was not huge… actually only $0.45, however, it was a blessing to someone else and it was said “oh, how sweet” (or weird)! 🙂
    At UDF, a gentleman was trying purchase a stamp and the stamp machine was empty and the Post Office was closed. I just happened to have a stamp in my wallet, therefore I gave. Now I don’t share this to toot my own horn, but to encourage others to keep their eyes open for ways to be WEIRD! God gives us these opportunities all the time, if we are looking!

  3. Awesome! I couldn’t agree more. That kindness and generosity will more than likely spread as well. It may have only been $0.45, but it may have made a huge difference for that person. You never know the importance of what was in the envelope in which the stamp was placed. If we take time to look around us and listen to that inner voice, we could be impacting people more than we could ever imagine. By the way no horns were heard tooting, but I am really glad you shared your story. 🙂

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