Monday Morning Commentary- WEIRD

So its been awhile, I know… can I just say I’m sorry and we all move on?  I could give you a whole blog full of excuses– life’s been crazy busy (even in the midst of  putting my life on hold to focus on my husband’s recovery and spend LOTS of time with him)… I’ve got nothing to say… I’ve got too much to say and I don’t know where to start… but really, I won’t waste your time and mine on excuses.  So lets get right to a

My husband has not been preaching at Soma for the past 6 weeks, and it has all but killed the man.  He absolutely LOVES sharing God’s Word and the work God has been doing in his heart.  But I hear he is coming back, real soon!! 

And in his absence we have been hearing from one of the other GREAT preachers at GCC, Jason Galley.  I have loved hearing Jason’s heart these past few weeks that Adam and I have been able to attend.  God has really been teaching me through what Jason has shared. 

For the month of May, we have been hearing about how God wants us to be WEIRD, because normal isn’t working!  (This series was taken from Craig Groeschel’s book, titled Weird.)  Here are a few quotes I wanted to share from the past two weeks:

If you want what normal people have, do what normal people do.  But if you want what few people have, do what weird people do.

God created me to do MY OWN special kind of weird. 

Becoming obsessed with with what others think about me is the quickest way to forget what God thinks about me.

Don’t worry when others criticize you.  Worry when they don’t!

I know that I have alot of work to do to become the “God kind of weird” that He has called me to be.  This week I am hoping to focus on looking for MY OWN kind of weird and remembering to focus on what God thinks of me.


One thought on “Monday Morning Commentary- WEIRD

  1. Girl, you already have your own kinda wierd. You just can’t see it as well as I can. We can talk sometime and I will share my opinions with ya.

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