Thankful Thursday

A friend of mine is doing “Thankful Thursday” on her facebook wall.  It got me thinking of all the things I have to be thankful for today, so I decided to join her by posting a blog of all the things I am thankful for. If you would like to share something you are thankful for, feel free to comment (on here or fb).

#1- That my husband, Adam, is getting stronger every day as he recovers from back surgery.  (He has been home from the hospital for 1 week today)

#2- That a WONDERFUL group of ladies is providing meals for us for the next several weeks so that I do not have to worry about making dinner!

#3- That through this time of recovery, God has brought Adam and I closer to each other and I am falling more in love with him everyday.

#4- That our family is getting the opportunity to have some wonderful time together.  “Being home” is not something we get to do alot because our life is so busy and full.  However we are making the most of circumstances God has placed us in and we are using this time to grow closer as a family. 

#5- That we have a great group of friends who have been checking in on us to see if we need anything… like milk or bread or just a listening ear.  We have a great group of church family and friends who are surrounding us!

#6- A great job and boss who completely understands and is flexible enough so that when I need to be off, I can be.  (for Adam’s recovery and all the many ministry things I do!)

#7- A loving God who is giving me enough strength for each day.  Who forgives me when I mess up.  Who loves me enough to not leave me where I am, but helps grow me toward the woman He wants me to be. 

#8- A great set of friends who I am continuing to do my weight loss journey with.  We are encouraging each other throughout the day via facebook.  (Since my last “grace is melting” post, I have lost 5 lbs-  4/12-217.  This is not very much, considering I haven’t posted for several months, but the number is still going down, so I am happy about that.)

I will be adding things throughout the day today on my Facebook Wall.  I hope, if anything, this post makes you think of all the many blessings (or gifts)God has showered on you.  If your eyes are open to them, there will be too many to count!


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