The Body: Nutrition

Our church has been doing a series entitled “The Body.”  It has been a very challenging series so far.  Just as we can see how healthy our physical body is based on thes “signs of life” (you may remember this from biology class- MRS GRIN), we can tell how healthy the body of Christ is by those same signs of life. 

Jason preached on the first Sunday and he talked about Nutrition.  Just as our physical body can be malnurished, so can the body of Christ.  We can be spiritual anorexic by choosing to not feed on the word.  We can be spiritually bulimic by hearing God’s word yet refusing to apply it. 

I was really challenged by this thought Jason shared, “God does not want to move Christians from spiritual ignorance to spiritual knowledge.  He wants to move us from ignorance to obedience.” James 1:22 says “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

Jason shared that one way to have spiritual nutrition is to mediate on God’s Word.  To do this you must hear God’s Word, study it, mediate on it and then eliminate any sin that you see as a result of hearing God’s word.  

I have noticed that blogging is one way that I apply and digest God’s Word.  I read or hear some truth and it strikes me to the core so far that I want to share it.  However, I tend to go through seasons of blogging well and then other things take it place.  This series has been so great, I hope to share the things that God is doing in my heart because of this series in the next few weeks. 

If you are in Georgetown this Sunday, you should come to Soma and hear the next message in the series.  If not, you can listen to this message and other the other messages in The Body series by going to

And I would love to hear how God has challenged your heart with this message on Nutrition.


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