The LOVE Challenge

A few weeks back I was challenged by the ladies over at Leading & Loving It ( to do the following  Love Challenge: for the first 14 days of February we were challenged to find one way to show our husband that we love them in a unique way each day.  (This challenge could also be done for a child, parent, or friend– anyone we LOVE in our life.)

Now this was alot of fun, yet a big challenge for me.  First of all, I had to find something new and different for 14 days—that’s alot of ways to show love.  And second of all, we were challenged to do this in THEIR “love language”.  Again– BIG challenge, because I like to show Adam I love him in MY love language.  But that is not really loving well, that is a selfish way to love.  Now I can’t say that I pulled it off 100% perfectly, but I gave it my all!  And I was so proud of Adam… because on day 3 he finally caught on that something was going on.  And it was cute to watch him wait in anticipation to see how I would “love” him the next day. 

I guess the reason I wanted to share all this is a reminder to love well, with all you have and in that person’s love language.  If you would like to take this challenge for the 2nd half of the “love month” that would be great.  But maybe you could just take today to love someone well. 

Also, I wanted to encourage you all, no matter who you are- YOU ARE LOVED! God’s love is the best love there is and He loves us all.  No matter your situation.  No matter what sin you have going on in your life today.  No matter how others feel about you.  God LOVES you!


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