Three months and still melting…

So another weigh in day is here.  I am excited about this week’s weight loss… especially since I have been trying hard not to stress about weight loss the last few weeks.

Here is my running total of weigh ins:

8/4- 228. 8/11- 227. 8/25- 230. 9/4- 228. 9/8- 226. 9/15- 225. 9/22-  228. 10/24- 224. 11/9- 222.

I know that is only a 6 lb overall loss in 3 months.  But I am thankful that I am still working to lose weight, even after three months of trying.  That is progress for me.  Because typically I would have given up by now. 

I still have a goal to be at 210 by Thanksgiving.  I realize that it doesn’t seem likely.  But I am still working toward that goal.  This week I have started to walk/run again.  Something I haven’t done in MONTHS!


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