Monday Commentary with a side of lessons and blessings

Over these past few weeks at church we have been learning what it means to be a follower of Jesus.  In yesterday’s sermon, Adam reminded us that Jesus wants EVERYTHING.  He said, If you want to be a follower, you better come with all you’ve got.

We cannot be like the “fans” of Jesus found in Luke 9:57-62 where they wanted their relationship with Jesus to be on their terms: One fan wanted to follow Jesus but when he was told that Jesus’ followers had no home, he was not willing to go without that comfort.  (vs 57-58) Another fan wanted to follow Jesus but asked to wait until it was more convenient on his time schedule. (vs. 59-60)  And still another fan wanted to follow Jesus but requested to go home and party it up one last time. (vs. 61-62)  These are not acceptable excuses for followers of Jesus.  His call is for TODAY.  Following Him with all I have in the here and now.

So God gave me the opportunity to test this new lesson at the grocery just hours after hearing this message.  I was in need of candy for the Trunk or Treat at church tonight.  And not just a few bags… our church sees around 700 kids on Halloween night and this year the Jones family is doing a “trunk” (well maybe just the back of my van… but anyway)  When standing in the candy isle and realizing the cost of passing out candy, I was reminded that God has called us to serve IN our community.  And this week that means buying some candy to pass out to little children.

Now I wasn’t totally happy about the amount I had to spend.  And I might have complained about it to a friend who got a STEAL on candy at a local store who was trying to sell their entire stock last night… and I might have had a bad attitude while mentally trying to balance the budget… but by the end of the evening I decided to put on my big girl JESUS panties and serve Him with all I’ve got.

Then I come to work this morning and am completely blessed by a raise from my boss.  I am 100% sure this was God’s timing to remind me that He sees my actions and wants to reward what I do for Him.

(Sidenote: I am pretty sure He did not like my attitude after the grocery shopping trip… but that is a lesson for another day.)


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