Andrew’s lessons on how to make good choices

Yesterday held both a sad and a proud moment for me as a momma all rolled into one situation.  My husband posted these words last night after “the situation”… and since I think he did such a wonderful job, I do not need to reinvent this wheel…

Today was a major milestone in the Jones’ home.  Andrew got in trouble at school and had his color changed from green to yellow – which is definitely not a first.  But this time, he and a friend conspired to “fix” it by coloring green over the yellow he’d earned.  He came home from school, showed his mom and had her completely convinced it was supposed to be green.  He talked to me and just as easily convinced me that it was a great day in the 1st grade.

Fast forward through the evening to bedtime…  He was praying and he said a curious prayer, “Dear Jesus, please let me sleep good and please let school be better tomorrow.  Amen.”  He covered his tracks with a story about all the people at his table getting in trouble, we sang a song and tucked him in.

He hadn’t been in bed 3 minutes when he ran downstairs and began tearfully telling us that he couldn’t sleep because he was “having bad dreams” about school and his tummy hurt because he knew he’d lied to us.  He poured out the whole story to us, exposing the entire conspiracy and begged us to forgive him.

It was the kind of moment that breaks a parent’s heart and confirms that parenting actually works all at the same time.  Of course we forgave him, but not until we had a talk about doing the right thing even when it’s scary.  There will still be consequences and he’ll still have to ‘fess up with his teacher tomorrow but he’ll be doing it with a clean conscience and that’s a victory.

This is my prayer for my son, not that he’s perfect all the time, but that he chooses to do what’s right, even when it’s hard.

And by the way, that’s also the prayer of your church for YOU.

(You can catch my husband’s blog all the time at

So last night I discovered that parenting is not always easy– however, it is an important role that God has called me to.  And I am thankful that Andrew decided to make the right choice even after making the wrong one.


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