A day full of blessings…

So yesterday was my birthday.  The first of MANY 29th birthdays to come!  My kids (that would be my son, Andrew, and my MANY other children via youth group) are trying to make me feel old… however, I refuse.  I am now (and will be forever) 29 years old.  🙂

I had many blessings throughout the day and I wanted to share just a few.

1. Actually the first few birthday blessings were on Monday.  Yes, that is a day early… however it was from girls who knows me well enough to know that I celebrate the whole MONTH, not just on my special day.  One made me (and all my Bible study girls) a cake and cupcakes!!!  Pink- my FAVORITE color!!!  And vanilla- my favorite cake flavor!  And another painted me a very beautiful birthday card!!

2. A good friend stopped by on her way to work to wish me happy birthday with a smile, hug and a udf gift card.  That will be purchasing coffee in the days to come!!

3. A wonderful LUNCH date with my husband.  Cooked right on our own grill.  You did a great job, honey!!!  Thank you!!

4. A beautiful basket of flowers from another friend.  They will be making my house smell beautiful for days and days to come!

5. A homemade singing birthday card from my son.  (he sang and played the piano while I opened it.)

6. And the best birthday gift of all was wonderful words of affirmation from my mom.  There is a special bond between mother and daughter.  I learned alot about this through the Captivating study that I have done.  But hearing these words from my mom made my heart smile.  I love you, MOM.

I had a day FULL of blessings!!!


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