Monday Commentary

Today was a very special day at GCC.  We had an outdoor service with our whole church family together.  So there was no Reset, no His Time (for the kids) and only one service.  All outside.  God blessed us with an absolutely beautiful, sunshiny day.  (the rain drops started right as everything was cleaned up and packed up)

Kevin read the story The Big Red Tractor by Francis Chan.  The moral of the story is make sure you know the owner’s manual and life will be much easier!!  And if you know the owner’s manual then you can tap into the POWER of God through His Word and His Spirit.

One of my favorite things about outside church is getting to take communion.  I know that may sounds silly to some, but we get to take some time as a family and talk about why we take communion.  And I get to share it with my son– just to remind him of the sacrifice of Jesus for HIM and me.  Now Andrew is only 6, but he is beginning to understand a few things and it is really cool to see things like communion through his little 6 yr old eyes.


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