Am I Looking Around?

“Not all opportunities become defining moments, nor do they always result in the saving of lives, but I realize, more and more that our paths are littered with burrs in saddles, hamburgers under mattresses, women we “bump” into, and storms from which we can offer shelter. God’s plan is for more than just my eternal salvation.  He has a plan for my entire earthly life.”

What if I am not present enough to see the places God has for me to be serving?  What if I am so wrapped up in my own personal agenda and plan that I miss hurting people all around me?  What if I am so focused on me and my comfort and overlook those I am suppose to serve today?

“Each person, relationship, experience, task or risk changes not just what I can see, but more importantly, changes me.”



(Quotes taken from Beth Guckenberger’s Reckless Faith, Chapter 2: Change of Plans)


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