September is a month for celebrations!!

September is here! YAY!!  That means it is my birthday month.  Yes, I celebrate the day of my birth all month long!!!  Sometimes just with little things– like tonight, I will be “celebrating” by going to Zumba and getting a real good butt kicking from Chanda.

At some point, I hope to be celebrating with my family.  (Adam- this is your cue, in case you have forgot… you have 12 days)  Typically, I also get to celebrate by going on a date with just me and my husband… that is always fun too!

And there will be the occasional run to UDF– just because it is my birthday month.

And I just found out that Starbucks is also helping me celebrate my birthday month by releasing my ULTIMATE FAVORITE DRINK EVER… anything with pumpkin spice…

And then we end my birthday month with a week of the Brown County Fair.  What a wonderful celebration that is.  If you are not from Ohio, sorry, I know you won’t understand.  But the Fair is a huge deal around here… school closes all week (just for me); people come from all over the state to look at animals and ride the rides; eat awesome food and play games; and I think the Fair Board picked September just to celebrate me!! 😉   Ok— enough selfishness… but really, I do love the Fair.

I also share this birthday month with my Mom.  Our birthdays are 4 days apart.  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH, to my mom too!!!

My brother, sister, Mom and me celebrating her 60th birthday last year.

However there is one part of September that is not exactly a celebration.  Why?  Because it is also the month my father passed away.  So in the midst of all the celebrating I also get to remember the day my dad went to Heaven.  I love him very much.  So to celebrate him today… here is a video that has been all over facebook this week… but I wanted to share it here in honor of him.


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