Grace is melting… well, not really. UGH!

So I started this wonderful weight-loss journey publicly two weeks ago.  And I have to say, I have worked my butt off… but not literally. 

On August 4 I weighed 228 lbs.  Yesterday I weighed in at 230!  Yep, gained 2 lbs. 

I got mad at myself, thinking why in the world did you gain two pounds??? How is this even possible?  I think I have sweat off at least 2 lbs of sweat…. And I know all the cliche answers… “your gaining muscle”  “maybe you had too much salt and it is water weight” and the real kicker “have you changed your eating habits???”… well, enough excuses for me. 

Yep, I gained 2 lbs.  And that stinks!! 

However, I will continue to workout six days a week because I do feel better. Even though my body hates waking up so darn early.  Even though I would rather lay in bed and pout.    And even though the scale isn’t showing it YET…. I will continue. 

PS- thanks for all the encouragment after my publicly sharing about this.  I really does the heart well to know that there are people who struggle and people who are going the journey with me and people to whom I can turn when I need help!!  Love ya!


One thought on “Grace is melting… well, not really. UGH!

  1. Momma you coulda gain 5 pounds while your best freind loses twenty and then give her a case of Mexican Coke. You will reach you’re goal, and get some ‘friendly’ encouragement from those who love you. 😀

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