Making Mamma Proud vs Making Jesus Proud

Living for an Audience of One is the secret to being truly free. When we live to please the Lord and walk in a manner worthy of Him…that’s all that really matters.” – Beth Jones

I am so thankful that this truth is finally taking up residence in my heart.  Because the TRUTH does set you free.  Free from the expectations for others.  Free to be me!

However, this thought crossed my brain this morning, how do I instill this in my son? 

I want him to make good choices. 

I want him to do what I want him to do.  (I know that sounds a little controling.  Isn’t that part of parent-hood though???)

However, what I REALLY want is for Andrew to live for an Audience of One. 

So how do you teach your kids to make good choices because God says so? 


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