The Act of Balance

Balance. Isn’t that something everyone strives to have in their life.  There are TONS of things we try to balance in life: weight, checkbook, diets, budgets, family time vs work time,  time with the kids vs time with your spouse, time spent social networking vs time spent with God, money spent on self vs money spent on family, and on and on I could go. 

In my life, I am striving for balance in a few areas- balancing my weight; balancing my wasted time vs time spent with God; balancing what God wants for my life vs what I want…

First, let me start with the BIG issue– my weight.  This is something I have struggled with for years.  I tend to go through phases of “I don’t care about my weight” to “Oh, I am so mad because I weigh ____ much.”  On top of that I HATE dieting.  I cannot stick to one if my life depended on it.  I have tried to but I love carbs and dairy way too much and most diets exclude both.  😦 

So this past week I have decided that I have got to do something about this weight.  It is way out of balance.  (Also a ton of my friends are doing “The 17 Day Diet.”  Yay for them.  I am proud of those of you who are sticking with it.  But I can’t do fish and veggies all the time.)  I also have an acquaintance from my high school years whose blog I have stumbled on And I would love to think of myself as melting. 🙂  Her courage and bluntness about her struggle with weight loss has given me some motativation to start my own journey…

So I decided I would start working out every morning and that any weight LOSS is better than weight GAIN. 

I started on 8/4/11 at 228 lbs.  Today is day 8- and I have lost a WHOPPING 1 lb. 

So 8/11/11- 227 for my “grace is melting” weight loss journey! 

Now like I said– my weight is not the only thing I am trying to get some balance with– wasted time vs. time with God and God-wants vs Grace-wants… but those I will save for another day of blogging…


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