Just as He said…

This morning I was reading through my usual daily devos. And I felt the Lord’s leading to repost one. Partly for your benefit… those of you reading this blog. However mostly for my benefit. I felt as though it was in answer to my blog from last week. So here it is, Take Courage by Beth Jones.

Take courage! What are you facing and what has God said to you? What Scriptures has He spoken to your heart? Take courage in knowing that it will be just as He said! The Apostle Paul was in the storm of his life, but when God spoke to him, he believed it and experienced peace in the midst of the storm. In Paul’s case, the Lord told him he was about to face a major shipwreck; but he and all the passengers would be saved if they followed certain instructions. In the end, it was just as God said.

Jesus promised us that the Holy Spirit would show us things to come and we can count on that! When we are able to remove our emotions, our will and our thoughts from the equation…the Holy Spirit can speak to us about what is to come. Perhaps you’re wondering, “What if God hasn’t said anything to me?” In that case, plant your face in His Word and read the Bible until He does speak to your heart. Pray and seek the Lord for the answers, direction and insights you need from Him. When we call to Him, He promises to answer. Once you hear from God through His Word and by His Spirit, you can prepare, adjust, claim and take His Word to the bank.

God’s Word is an anchor for our soul. When the boat is rocking and the waves are slapping against your world, take a moment to remember what the Lord has said to you…and find that place of rest in His Word. Believe God; it will be just as He said!

Say It: “Father, I believe You! It will be just as You said. I believe Your Word. This is what You have said to me: _____________ (quote the Scripture passage(s) He’s given to you). Your Word is an anchor to my soul. I will rest in Your Word today. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”


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