Sorry- life gets busy

As I sit here reading the blogs I stock, I think to myself ‘man, _____ has posted in a while… Ugh!’ and then I remember opppsie, neither have I.

Sorry- if you stock my blog- life gets busy in the Jones house when summer hits. (Actually it is more like a smack in the face)

However, for the remainder of this week and all of the next 2 weeks it is about r&r for me.

So to catch you up on the business here is what’s been goin on…
My class reunion was at the end of June. I had lots of fun reminiscing with old friends. And catching up with some new old friends. (I just love the way 10 yrs can pass and everyone seems more on equal ground nowadays.)

And since I DID NOT graduate from Georgetown, that also meant a trip back to my old home- Missouri. I got to visit with several of my family. However, I was only there for 72 hrs so I didn’t see everyone but I did the best I could.

And that also means, Andrew is currently still in MO for his annual grandparents (and aunts & uncles) spoiling. He is learning lots of grown up things while he is away. Like he can now use a telephone. In this age of cell-phone-only families, he rarely talks on the phone but to say ‘hi bye I love you’. However he is now super proud of himself.
Also he is practicing his swimming skills. He can now go under water. Which is a big deal for my little boy. Not only has he struggled with ear infections all of his 6 yrs of life– but he HATES getting water into his eyes. Thanks MO family for working with him!!

Immediately following my MO trip, myself and 4 other adults took 22 students to CIY at Johnson University. It was a great time growing closer to God and getting to know and hang out with a great group of teens. I will probably post more later about the things God taught me… But the overall thing I have thought about since last week is LISTEN to the TRUTH. SPEAK the TRUTH into others lives.

Well, I think that’s it for tonight. Sorry, life gets busy and blogs get scarce. But I am sure you are having a wonderfully busy summer yourself. If not, let me know. I’ve got some projects for you!!!!


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