A Mother’s Love

The coolest thing just happened… Andrew and I went to have a picnic lunch at helicopter park. While we were there we saw a mother duck and a bunch of ducklings. Andrew and I sat and watched as they swam and played. And they got a shower in the fountain.
But then we got to see what I think was just amazing. The mother duck and almost all her ducklings got out of the pond but one baby duckling stayed in. It was doing fine until he realized Mommy was missing. Then it was pure freak-out mode. Quacking and squawking and throwing a fit. Then the mother started quietly quacking as the baby threw a fit. Trying to give a signal to the baby of where she was…
When they reunited it was so sweet.

A Mother’s love is so strong and so sweet! I was just reminded of how much my love can do for my kids.


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