A Weekend to be Thankful

A week ago right now I was scared to death waiting to hear that all my family survived the tornado that tore through Joplin, MO.  Yes, they did all survive– however my brother and many friends lost their homes.    Now one short week later, my husband along with a few other guys from our area are headed to help Joplin. 

I have been amazed, blessed and overwhelmed by the generosity of our church family and community.  This week we have collected LOTS and LOTS of donations.  We have spent many hours sorting those donations that are now on their way to help families in need.  Many people I spoke with this week said, “Well this isn’t much, but perhaps it can help some.”  All of those “little” donations added together to make a trailer full  of stuff. 

However, perhaps the most overwhelming thing of all was that people just didn’t want to help the city of Joplin.  I am blessed to say that many wanted to help MY family.  I had countless conversations this week saying “How can we help?”  “What can I do?”  And I am thankful to say that my brother’s family will be blessed by the gifts they receive this week.  Many of the gifts came from hearts full of God’s love, just wanting to shower that love on another family whom I love and God loves beyond what I can imagine.  Other gifts came from major personal sacrifice– and to those friends, I am very grateful.  THANK YOU for blessing my family.   

Now, I have to say, Satan did not want me to be thankful this weekend.  He wanted me to sit at home and be angry because I am not in crew that is headed to help.  However, I am refusing Satan that opportunity.  Yes, I want to be there to hug and help my family.  Yes, I would love to see the look on my brother, his wife and girls’ faces as they are blessed.  However, I have major responsiblity wrapped into a little six year old body.  And I have been told that the tragedy that is the city of Joplin right now might be a bit much for him to handle.  Not to mention for ME to handle.  Also, this Andrew’s last week of Kindergarten.  And hopefully -if the rain holds off- a full week of t-ball.  (But I am counting the days until my trip to MO, 26 days!!)   So I am choosing to be THANKFUL. 

Thankful to all who donated.  Thankful to Adam (and the others in the crew) who are going to be working all week.  Thankful to God for blessing me with such an awesome group of “Ohio family and friends” who are willing to sacrifce for my “Missouri family and friends.”


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