A hard few days…

To start off, our beautiful Kyrgys daughter, Aida, is now back at her home.  She left to go back to Kyrgyzstan last Wednesday and arrived home on Friday night.  It has not been an easy adjustment.  She has become a very big part of our family.  So it has almost been like grieving a loss. 

Here is a picture from our time at the airport.  Andrew and Aida’s last embrace. 

I must say that Adam and I took it much harder than Andrew did.  At least outwardly.  I am not sure if it was because we continuously reminded him that Aida would eventually be going home (and we forgot to remind ourselves).  Or if it was all the prayers for him on that day.  It was likely a good mixture of both.  But we are all adjusting to home life without Aida.  She will forever be apart of our family. 

As if that is not hard enough to deal with, the town where Adam and I grew up was hit with a very devastating tornado.  Praise the Lord our family was spared.  However, my brother’s home was completely destroyed.  And one of Adam’s grandmother’s home was damaged.  It is so hard to think about all that was lost in just a moment’s time.  But I refuse to think about the “what ifs” and I will praise God for the protection He had on our family. 

Here is a photo of what remains of my brother’s home.

A few days ago I was encouraged via another blog with these words

It is easy to talk about trusting God.  Doing it is a whole different story.  But by His grace and strength you will make it through these rough days. 


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