Wonderful weekend

This has been a wonderful weekend.  We were given LOTS and LOTS of donations for the Georgetown Church of Christ Yard Sale.  This Yard Sale will go to benefit the students who will be attending KNOW Sweat and CIY MOVE.  These two trips are life changing for our students.  So I am excited to see what God will do through them. 

But He has already starting some pretty amazing things within this weekend of service to our community.  Not only did I get to see these students work hard.  But they also were hanging out, building relationships with one another, regardless of age or school district.  And they had great attitudes doing it. 

Even after I had asked them 1000 times to fold a mountain of clothes, they went. 

Even when the sale was done, and we needed to pack up our “leftovers” to give them to another organization, they packed. 

Even when we had to spend a while sweeping and cleaning up after a weekend of people going in and out of our gym, they did it. 

Dear God, Thank you for a wonderful weekend.  Thank you for all the people who donated.  Thank you for all the people who sorted and organized for hours upon hours.  Lord, these people helped make this weekend a success.  Thank you for sending the customers.  And thank you for allowing us to help the people of our community.  I pray that those who were blessed because of the Yard Sale will somehow realize it all came from you.  In Jesus Name, Amen


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