Believe 2011

Last weekend I went with a crew of 27 to Believe in Anderson, Indiana.  It was a great week of getting to know these students and adults, and diving into God’s story in the book of Esther.  The music was great!  The art was amazing!  And the speaker did a great job of presenting Esther and challenging us to look for our NOW moments. 

However he made a comment that has stuck out to me all week long.  (I have studied Esther before, but this weekend, I was shown something in a different light.)

I have been told before (and read it myself) that God’s name is not mentioned in the book of Esther.  However HE is written through out the story.   This weekend the speaker made the comment, that God challenged Esther through the mentor in her life. 

Now, it doesn’t seem all too remarkable, unless, however, you are a mentor.  Then it makes a big difference.  God can use the mentoring relationship that I have to bring about HUGE change.  And not only change in the life of the person I am mentoring, but saving the lives of lots of people around her. 

What a great responsiblity that comes with the mentoring relationship. 

Lord, I pray I am up for the challenge.  Help me to see YOUR potential in the lives of the girls I mentor.  Help me to speak encouragement into their lifes.  I want these young ladies to love you most of all, but I also want them to WANT change in their homes, friendships and schools.  Help me to always be leading others to Your cross. 


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