While I’m Waiting…

This afternoon I was talking to a young lady about how some times it is hard to serve God.  There are times when there is something you want to do, that seems good but in other ways it causes you to disobey God.  Man, that is a tough!!  She (and I) want to serve God and obey all His commands, but it is not always an easy task. 

In the midst of our discussion I heard this song.  “While I’m Waiting” by John Waller. 

Now I know there can be many ways to take this song.  Waiting on a relationship to change (friendship or romanctic).  Waiting on God to answer a cry from your heart.  Waiting on an answer from a doctor.  Waiting on the Lord to show your purpose or path in life.  Waiting to be old enough to ________.  Waiting on a child to be born (or to come into your family through adoption).  Waiting on God to come back.  It can truly apply to any Christian.

While I’m waiting on you, Lord, no matter my circumstance, I choose to serve You and worship You.  While I’m waiting…


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