God’s Grace

Growing up my name was used alot for jokes or teasing. 

When I would enter a group, kids would say “everybody say grace” (meaning to pray) and then then they would shout my name and then snicker snicker snicker and run away.

Another wonderful teasing I took was the singing of “amazing grace, how sweet the sound… oh, she’s not really all that sweet….” 

However my most favorite use of my name was by my youth minister, Jay St. Clair (he always had something special with each of the kids in the youth group).  For me, it was any time he would see me he would say, “His Grace” and I would have to answer “is sufficient for me.”  (This scripture is found in 2 Corinthians 12)   Now this scripture was something I heard ALOT, especially with Jay, but I don’t think it was something I ever really grasped.  Because I always struggled with the feeling of letting God down. 

This morning I was reading one of my favorite bloggers Lysa TerKeurst (www.lysaterkeurst.com) and she said,

I don’t have to worry about letting God down because I was never holding Him up– God’s grace is sufficient. 

Now I have heard this said from many other people and it always touches my heart.  I KNOW in my head that I am not holding God up.  I KNOW in my head that God’s grace is there to forgive me of my sin.  And that it is sufficient and complete– enough for all the sins I have committed, thought of, and will do.  But where I struggle is getting this to translate to my heart. 

So this morning, I have been digging…

I looked up the definition of grace.  One of the many definitions I found was “favor shown”.  And ya know, for some reason, those two words help.  Not favor given- because it can also be taken.  Not favor allowed- because it can be disallowed.  But favor SHOWN.  Demonstrated.  Displayed.  Laid bare.  Presented.  Showcased.  Unveiled. 

Shown through creating a beautiful world for us to enjoy.  Shown by continuously interacting with mankind.  Shown through becoming human so that he could understand what we go through.  Shown through Jesus death on the cross.  Shown through defeating death and rising from the grave.  Shown through sending the Holy Spirit so we can be guided in this life.  Shown through preparing a place for me in heaven. 

Ya know, after a morning of digging in God’s word, I think I have a new perspective on God’s grace.  It is favor SHOWN to me since the creation of the world.  And not only does that change the way I think about my relationship with God.  But it also changes my relationship with those around me… but that is for another day of digging.


3 thoughts on “God’s Grace

  1. dear sweet Grace. love your blog today. If you ask me it sounds like that was a message straight from God to your heart. love it. love you. and from now on I think I might have to call you His grace too…because you definiatly are. HIS. BEAUTIFUL. GRACE. SHOWN. (HUGS)

    • Thanks Alyssa. I believe it was a message from God too. Because my finger did the typing but it was my heart that was dictating.

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