Best Pork Chops ever!

Tonight I made a dinner that Adam, Aida and I loved!  (unless it is mac-n-cheese or pb&j Andrew isn’t usually too interested)  It was off one of those recipe cards that you can pick up at the grocery store for free.  Adam picked it up at Wal-Mart a long time ago but I hadn’t tried it until tonight.  I thought I would share it on here because it was THAT good!

Marinate pork chops for several hours.  I used McCormick’s Grill-Mates Garlic and Herb. 

In a large skillet melt 3 Tbsp butter.  Add 2 apples that have been peeled, cored and sliced; a large onion; 2 Tbsp of cider vinegar and 3 Tbsp of brown sugar.  And saute for 10 mins.  While that cooks, brown pork chops in a separate skillet about 8 mins total. 

Then put pork chops in apple/onion skillet and cover.  Cook for about 7 mins. 

They turned out really well, especially for my apple-eating kyrgyz girl!!!


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